Emily’s Walk

Many people know and remember the accident in 1996 that left 4-year-old Emily Hunt paralyzed and took the life of her 57-year-old grandmother, Nancy Jones. What most people may not know are the details of the horrific accident, the Hunt’s courtroom battle to obtain justice for their daughter’s injuries, and the strength of little Emily Hunt’s spirit as she deals with her spinal cord injury each day.

“Emily’s Walk” by John Krull, is a story of how a father, driven by his love for his daughter, took on the state legislature and the governor’s office seeking justice for his family and assurance that no one else would have to face his family’s tribulations. He quickly learned how the complex game of state politics is played.

Learn how Michael Hunt lobbied the General Assembly to change state law and faced unknown powerful political groups, political party leaders, and, ultimately, the newly elected governor.

This tragic, yet heartwarming story shows how an average person, armed with love and hope, can take on the powerful political institutions and obtain justice in America’s heartland.

Watch for the release of “Emily’s Walk” this fall or order your copy today. You can have your copy autographed by Emily at Dreams of Dancing on October 12 or at Emily’s Walk on October 13.